It all started with a simple sketch.

Invictus is more than just a product. It is a unique story that begun with a simple sketch at the very beginning and has evolved to an unforgettable experience. Every single part was designed to impel our client's senses.

Exceptional materials,
reliable construction.

The finest selection of materials and fabrics provide with a complete comfort and safety. On the other hand the high-tech, ultra-light carbon fiber frame is a premium solution for demanding parents. The holistic thinking has also its outcome in a pure in its function, super light and cozy carrycot.

Time flies, true moments stay forever.

The Invictus story is one these elements that shall put a significant part to your happiness during the early maternity. There was only a brief sketch at the beginning, the fragile draft of an idea in which an enormous work has been invested to result with a game-changing effect that redefines the whole stroller market.


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